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Healthcare needs may arise without notice at any time, Our Pharmacy Clinic locations provide fast easy access for healthcare services such as Travel Clinic, Chicken Pox and many more services that are traditionally carried out by your Doctor. We are driven to make a difference with a fast, cost effective and easily accessible approach to caring for your healthcare needs.
Our customers use our service because getting health advice and care may be difficult because doctors are over-booked and can also be time consuming at the time that is best for you. With this in mind our Pharmacy Mini Clinic locations provide health care that is convenient, cost effective and time saving without compromising on quality.
We offer a comprehensive range of travel vaccination’s and malaria tablets
Helping to offer protection against the chicken pox virus

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Great pharmacy. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Veren Vaja

Friendly local pharmacy who know what they are talking about. They collect repeat prescriptions from Potterells for you. Wide range of normal chemist products.

Antony Pace